vrijdag 31 augustus 2007

Surffestival/ Kid's Fun Cup

From 14 till 16th of September the Surffestival will take place at the Brouwersdam. Three days long it's all about testing (2008) equipment, clinics, stars, films, competition & party! Check the latest news & program at the offical surffestival website .

During the Surffestival there will be a special kids program. Ann Stevens (G200) is organizing the first Kids Fun Cup at the surffestival. All girls and boys up to the age of 18 are invited to take part at this fun contest. There will be a slalom and a freestyle super session. Scores will be judged in two different age classes. Also, a lot of nice prizes will be given away. It is really something for kids of all ages. The main goal is just to have fun! Registration will be accepted on the day of the festival, but you can register in advance as well.

Registration and more information at: info@annestevens.de

See you at the Brouwersdam!

maandag 27 augustus 2007

Mission Completed

A huge succes for the organizers of Holland's biggest fun event: 300 riders showed up to join 'The Mission, the fourth edition' at the Brouwersdam in Zeeland last weekend. World's finest riders like Golito Estredo, Tati & Tonki Frans, Kevin Meeuwesen and Peter Volwater were there for some demo's & to fire up the heat saterday evening. Let's get the party started...

One of the biggest surprises in this year's event was the female contribution. In 2006 already many girls found their way to the Brouwersdam. This year a new record was set. In total 52 (!) female riders showed up to join the fun. Crazy! Hadn't seen so many girls in one event for years. Actually can't remember any event I ever competed in were so many girls show up.

The wind forecast didn't look to good for the weekend. So I kind of reckoned to stay on the beach as my freestyler and biggest sail (5.7) wouldn't be enough to make it around the course.
But then a friend of mine offered me to take his raceboard and a 7.6 sail. An offer I couldn't refuse. It has been at least 10 years ago since I sailed my last races on a longboard. But windsurfing is like riding a bike. Once you know how, you'll never forget. Due to the light wind it was hard work. But at the same time I really enjoyed battling it out with some other girls I sailed competition with so many years ago. And guess what...in the end I finished in second place. I am super happy with this result and my overall sailing performance. Perfect starts, perfect jibes around the marks, some tactical moves on the course. Could't have done it any better under this circumstances.

A big thanks to Jan Willem (Dutchflag) for letting me borrow his equipment!

Also check out windgirls for the girls group foto.


Girls (< 14 years):
1. Chantale Pöttgens
2. Esmée Hartveld
3. Anne van Lammeren
4. Sietske Overweg
5. Ilse Boonstra

Chicks (15-18 years):
1. Lilian de Geus
2. Esther de Geus
3. Carlijn Vermeulen
4. Rolien Caers
5. Fresia Cousiño

Ladies (> 19 years):
1. Nikki van Riel
2. Cornelia van der Schilden
3. Renske Molenwijk
4. Marie-Paul Geldhof
5. Saskia van Smoorenburg

donderdag 23 augustus 2007

On a mission

I am going on a Mission. Upcoming weekend one of the biggest ever fun-windsurf-events in Dutch history takes place at the Brouwersdam: The Mission, the 4th edition.
Already more than 275 people pre-entered for this event. With some of World's top riders to fire up the atmosphere, the BBQ and of course the mega party on Saturday evening it will probably be 'the event of the year' again in Holland.
Although last year I said my participation in this contest was definately a one-of-a-kind thing I couldn't resist to enter again this year. I guess watching the slalom on Fuerteventura had something to do with it. And of course last year's joy of a super large women fleet of 35 girls/women. Hadn't seen such a large fleet since I started competing on international level in 1994. Just 2 more nights away & we'll see what this year's event will bring....

donderdag 16 augustus 2007

Big Wednesday?

There are days when you feel in advance it's wiser to stay on the beach. But the drive for a good session makes you descide otherwise. Afterwards you know why you should have listened to your intuition. You promiss yourself to do so next time. But when 'next time' arrives you make the same mistake all over again.
I guess yesterday was such a day for me. It had been blowing already all day long. Which made it hard to stay focus on other stuff. It's been a while since we had good conditions in Holland. Wanted to get to the beach as fast as possible when work was finished. Instead I ended up in one traffic jam after another. When I finally arrived in Wijk aan Zee wind had dropped & all my friends were already packing up, ready to had home. So I rigged up 5.3 to hit the water for an easy ride. And turned out to be completely overpowered. Sailing on the edge and sometimes out of control was not what I had in mind. Crashed hard a couple of times. Nothing worked. Somehow totally an off-day for me. So in the end didn't stay too long. Hoping for a better day to come soon...

vrijdag 10 augustus 2007


Gonna check out Strand Horst today to see if windsurfing is possible. According to Windguru.cz the wind should be at it's best around 17.00 P.M. Timing fits right in after work.
At the moment I am sorting out my Fuerte foto's. Hope to be able to put a collection online next week.

zondag 5 augustus 2007

Small session

Sometimes the forecast doesn't match the actual weather (wind) situation at all. Predicted wind between 6/7-10 knots on the internet yesterday in real life was enough to sail with 5.3 & my freestyler at the beach of Scheveningen. Yes! Feels a bit unusual on a 'large' board after sailing small last two weeks...

vrijdag 3 augustus 2007

Finally: Summer!

Looks like summer is finally kicking in in Holland. Which is nice for everybody who likes to lie in the sun and get some tan after a quite wet July. Probably I am one of the view hoping the temperatures will go down again soon at least a little bit so the wind gets a change to pick up again. But looking at the wind statistics of the last two years in August I don't get my hopes up to high...

woensdag 1 augustus 2007

...back home

Fuerteventura trip is over. Landed Tuesday night at Cologne Airport, almost freezing my bud off in only 8 degrees Celsius, brrrrrr....

Time flew by. With 7 days of wind (out of 10) & some waves too it was great being on Fuerte again. Check out some picts at stehsegelrevue.de.

I also posted a few pictures I took during the action down below (date 26-7-07).