vrijdag 28 september 2007

Amazing surf conditions

Yep, it was all worth while to stay in Holland. Last couple of days I catched amazing surf conditions in the NW of Holland. It all started out on monday. Wind was blowing sideshore from the left. When I arrived at Wijk aan Zee waves were starting to build up. I went out with 4.7 & 68l. Had a blast for two hours in head- to logohigh waves.

On Tuesday one big fat rain clowd stopped the wind from blowing. And while I was sitting at a windless beach of Scheveningen only 5 minutes away from us hail came down in The Hague heavily.

Wednesday I drove up north again. This time to IJmuiden (at the opposite side of Wijk). Predicted was NW-N but when I arrived wind had already turned N-NO. Which is a little bit offshore overthere. When I walked over towards the beach I couldn't believe my eyes. Perfect long lines, head-to-logohigh, were building up and rolling in. Tops of white water blown away towards the horizon. Only a handful of people out on the water. Conditions like this I only know from pictures and movies, but I have never ever seen them myself in real time, and for sure not in Holland, before. In the beginning the wind was a disaster. Due to the offshore wind it was tricky to get out. In front of the beach hardly any wind, only outside a little bit. When most people left the beach tired of waiting the wind suddenly picked up. Powered up with 4.7 I had serveral endless rides (so it felt). Plenty of waves with only three other riders out there. What a joy!

Yesterday I started off in Scheveningen as the wind had now completely turned to NO. Waves were so big and chaotic and the wind still low that I didn't want to go out there. Looking for an alternative I ended up in IJmuiden again. Wind was now almost offshore, but again massive logohigh lines rolling towards the beach. So I gave it a go again. After some heavy washing in the beginning I figured out the best way to get out save. Riding back in was one big party over and over again. As the winddirection was almost parallel to the incoming waves it was possible to blast down the wave, turn 5,6,7 times without losing any power at all! Just follow the line from beginning till the end. Sail out and start all over again. Never experienced conditions like this before. Totally satisfied I returned to the beach three hours later. Can't wait to get a ride like that again...

zaterdag 22 september 2007


As of today I am celebrating two weeks of well earned holiday. The original plan was to drive up to Denmark or down to France somewhere during now and next week. But as usual plans are made to be adjusted last minute. It all depends on wind & weather situation. As of monday the forecast for Holland looks so promissing, that I probably stay over here to enjoy some good old dutch windsurf sessions and hang out with some friends. Chill!

donderdag 20 september 2007


Busy, busy, busy last couple of days. Didn't have much time to write about the Surffestival. But here it is, a small review:

With sunny weather & two days of wind out of three we can look back at a very succesful Surffestival last weekend. Friday it wasn't too crowded as it was a regular work day for most of the people. With wind increasing to 5 Bft. it was fun blasting up & down the Grevelingen with the new Lorch Glider 105(WL) for a while. First impression: fast, but very comfortable. A joy to ride!

Saterday the wind left us so we drove to Domburg for a paddle session. Hadn't been here before. What a nice beach with lots of space for everyone, relaxed atmposhere and really good surf that day as well. The party later that night at the Brouwersdam was fun. Nice to have a drink with some old friends.

Sunday it was windy again. And super crowded as well. Had to watch out to not crash into somebody else so many people were sailing in front of the beach. Still a very nice day with happy people and lots of action (Brian Talma) everywhere.

zaterdag 8 september 2007

Lorch 2008

The new LORCH 2008 boards are available now. Check out the official website for latest info. Want to see, feel or test the newest Lorch boards yourself? That's possible. The 2008 LORCH-serie will be presented at the Surffestival upcoming weekend at the Brouwersdam. Don't miss it!

maandag 3 september 2007

(Not so) easy going

Didn't expect too much when I drove up to Wijk aan Zee with some friends yesterday. Windguru said waves up to 1meter. Together with 5-6 Beaufort sounded like an easy going windsurf session. Arriving at the beach it turned out to be rather big. Outside even up to 3 meter. Plus super chaotic. Probably due to the NW-wind the days before. So far the idea of easy going. As the wind was cross onshore it was hard work. And all about timing your way out. Or (like some of us) getting eaten & spit out again once a while. All together a nice afternoon, great company & tired, but satisfied people with smiling faces on the way home.