zondag 28 oktober 2007

Not so big

I guess today it wasn't as big as we all hoped for. Not too high waves, not too much wind. But still enough to make some nice rides. That is if you were able to catch a wave with nobody else on it. Or at least nobody blocking your way when you were going for a nice cutback or bottom turn. Today it was super, super crowded. Not only on the water, but even during chasing a parking spot not too far away from the beach. This 'chaotic scenery' probably had something to do with the fact that we didn't have a windy day during the weekend for a very long period of time. Well I hope you al enjoyed the surf today. I for sure did.

zaterdag 27 oktober 2007

Big Sunday?!

Tomorrow it is going off in Holland. Just finished packing up my stuff to be ready to hit the water early in the morning. Probably it is going to be busy at my favorite spot Wijk aan Zee. It's just been made official a couple of hours ago that the Dutch Wave Championship will be taking place there tomorrow. Also on stand by are the dutch racers for an official Slalom Championship at Almere. Read more about these competitions (& results) at the official website of the nvw. At my homespot 'de Zegerplas' the final of the Holland Windsurfing series will be carried out. Last couple of months almost every competition has taken place in low, low windconditions. Looks like the official competition season 2007 will now finish off with a big bang! Good luck to all competitors tomorrow.

woensdag 17 oktober 2007

Championship without champions

Last weekend the Dutch Youth Championships were held at the Vlietlanden in Leidschendam. In very light conditions in total 7 races were sailed in 2 days. It was good to see that the level had gone up during last year. All the extra training sessions for sure paid off.
Sadly enough it turned out that - according to the Notice of Race - there were not enough competitors to hand out the official Dutch Championship Titles in both girls & boys divisions. At the end of the weekend no champion could be crowned. A huge disappointment for the young sailors. As these kids are the future hopefully it will be made possible to hand out those blue ribbons again next year. Check out hollandwindsurfing.nl for results and pictures.

vrijdag 12 oktober 2007

Did you see it?

I am watching out for wind. Did you see some anywhere? Since august I can count the times I have been out on the water on my 10 fingers. Minus a view. Not because I didn't have any time to go out. But simply because it has been windless day after day for a long period of time now. A rather poor outcome considering spring this year wasn't to good eather. Hope to get some windy days before winter starts to kick in. In the mean time, if you are lucky enough to find some wind somewhere: enjoy the ride! You never know when your next time will be...