maandag 12 november 2007


Didn't go to Strand Horst in the end on friday. Heard that I didn't miss much. It was cccccccold... and very gusty. After skipping saterday as well I wanted to hit the water again on Sunday. The wind was still blowing like hell at the coast with some massive waves hitting the beach. But because, according to the forecast, the wind was going to decrease in the afternoon I decided to go for some flat water. Grevelingendam (the inside of the Grevelingenmeer) was the place to be. I went out with my 4.2 & 85liter board and was powered up nicely for a couple of hours. With a mix of rainshowers & sunshine the scenery was sometimes awesome. And it didn't even feel as cold as expected. All together a very nice day of sailing with some friends. Finishing off with hot choco at the fireplace. Days like these can't really get any better.

donderdag 8 november 2007


Just returned from the water. No storm so far. But it is heading our way - that's for sure -. It already started to rain and the wind is picking up too. Lots of traffic on the way home. The 'KNMI' (dutch national weather institute) expects the storm to hit the coast tonight. All dunes along the coastside will be garded. Something to do with spring tide and wind blowing from the NW.
Windsurfing today was nice. Not as cold as I expected. Went to the Oostvoornse Meer. Hadn't been here since...I don't know... maybe 10 years ago or something like that. Finally a change to test my new 85l board. Came of the water with a good feeling about the board. It feels light & snappy. Already looking forward to tomorrow to give the board another go. Plan is to hit the water at Strand Horst in the afternoon. Check out (surfmaatje) to see who else will be there.

maandag 5 november 2007

Red alert

So far the autumn of 2007 has been rather windless. Not much change for some good windsurf action. But as of tomorrow the waiting period is finally ending. Weather forcecast says lots & lots of wind till end of the week. This is it guys & girls. Dress warm. Buckle up. It's time for a ride. See you on the water!