zaterdag 15 december 2007


Had a nice windsurf session last Sunday at the Brouwersdam with friends. Slightly off shore wind plus baby waves. Enough to sail with 5.3. Another smile on my face-day.
Since two days temperatures dropped down to almost zero degrees Celsius. According to the forecast this weather will continue for upcoming days. Looks like Sunday's surfsession might have been the last one for a while. And maybe also the last one of this year?? I'll just have to wait and see...

zaterdag 8 december 2007

Goya 2008

The new Goya 2008 sails are available as of now.

Comment to the Wave3D (picture right):
'When we started designing the 2008 Goya Wave3D our main focus was improving the strenght and reducing the waight. We created a very maneuverable sail with more low end power and high end control'.

Check out Goya's website as wel as the website of Sunset to learn more about these great sails.

zondag 2 december 2007

Suitable conditions

Last couple of weeks the temperature has been dropping & rising just around acceptable and non-acceptable sailing conditions for me. For the past years I draw the line at 10-12 degrees Celsius. Other things that count are sunshine, rain, strenght of the wind (I only go out when at least 5.3, or smaller, is sailable). Some people call me a sissy. But the time that temperature didn't matter and I even went out between ice cubes is definately over.
After some colder days during last week yesterday turned out to be very suitable for me. So I packed up my stuff and drove to Wijk aan Zee. When I arrived the wind was almost onshore with high messy waves. But soon after the wind turned slight more shideshore. Sun was shining bright and wind just enough between 4.7-5.0 sailsize. Astonishingly the water didn't even feel as cold as expected. And of course the walk from the carpark to the water is a special sort of warming up by itself that heats you up pretty much. At the waterside ladies of the Red Bull team distributed some energy out of a can. Energy was flowing all over the place. Wavesize went down after a while but still enough to be washed heavy when not perfect timed. After a good hour of windsurfing I called it a day. Chilled afterwards at Sea You with some friends. All together a nice way to start the weekend with.