zaterdag 26 januari 2008

Winter break

Well it isn't really winter in Holand at the moment. Temperature is kind of stable around 10 degrees Celsius for some days now. The wind is blowing. And we are having lots and lots of rain. I feel the need for a winterbreak anyway. Maybe because of the rain. Maybe because my last trip has been in september last year. So it has been a while since then. I start missing the sun. And I am dreaming of being able to throw off my warm wintercloths and walk around in just tees and jeans more and more.

So I looked around on the interet and booked that well deserved holiday. In less then one and a half week I am on my way to Madeira. Yes you're right. It's not a windsurfing holiday this time. It's all going to be about hiking. Never been on Madeira before. And never done hiking like this before. So I am very excited about the trip. Specially cause Madeira is known for it's spectaculair nature. Suitcase is already standing in my hall. In my head I am already making a list what to pack. Still eight days to go till then. Got to stay focused on the here and now till then. But man, am I looking forward to this trip!

zaterdag 12 januari 2008


Since a couple of years I am totally into photography. I love taking pictures and also watching photos of others. Some try to tell you something and others are just fun to watch. Somehow it makes you look at things differently. Out of another angel than you normally do. Which can be helpfull in life sometimes.

My dad, who is 72 years old, catched the virus as well. Last year already he bought himself some new stuff. He already turned digital some years ago, but figured out a bigger zoom would make it easier to photografe us windsurfers. It was fun to see him running around with 2 cams round his neck trying to catch the action at several winsurf events last season.
But products develop fast and there is always new and better equipment. So he got his latest toy 2 weeks ago. Now he and his camera are almost inseperable. Love him.

I myself bought a small cam a month ago which I can take into the water with me during windsurfing. The cam can make foto's and films and I am very curious what will come out of it. Friends of mine already used it and are very enthousiastic about the cam. As I am still recovering from the flu I don't get a change to try it out now. Have to be patient a bit. Not my strongest side. But as soon as I made some shots I will show the results on my blog. Till then, take care...

dinsdag 1 januari 2008


Wishing you all a very happy new year! May the wind be with you & bring you lots of fun time out on the water.