dinsdag 25 maart 2008

Let it snow? (2)

Yep, we did get some snow during Easter. According to the KNMI it has been the coldest Easter ever! Ever means since they started to measure the temperature around 1919. Which is almost hundred years ago. Lucky us!

Today again some snow. Which caused lots of trouble on the road. During the early morning hours many accidents happened. Due to this people had to face long traffic jams. In total up to 880 kilometer. Almost another record. The longest rush hour ever took place on Februari 8th 1999: 975 kilometer in total. Today's morning rush hour came in second best. Nothing to be proud of actually. Approximately 1100 cars got damaged so much that they could not continue their way.

Looking at the weather map snow troubles will be over soon. At the end of the week temperatures may rise up again towards 10 degrees & plus. I've got the feeling a surf session might be on it's way soon...

donderdag 20 maart 2008

Let it snow?

It's official: spring has begun. But, at the moment, it does not look like spring at all! Normally when Easter is approaching it's time to unpack the surf stuff. Translated Easter means an extra day free off work to be spend at the waterside with friends. If the weather makes it possible that is. Which hasn't been any problem the last couple of years. So why should it be now?

During the winter time everybody is kind of 'hiding out'. Busy with work, family quality time and other priorities. But when spring time is on it's way it starts to tickle. For me windsurfing is, in a kind of way, just like a virus you can't get rid of. But a good virus. It makes me smile. At the end of the winter towards spring I am really looking forward to see some of my windsurf friends again. With Easter coming up this weekend I have been checking out the weather forcecast already for days now. Still hopefull at the beginning of the week. Now changed into can't believe my eyes. We might be getting snow! SNOW??? Thought we pasted the winter. But apparently not. Bummer!

woensdag 12 maart 2008


Storm has been raging across Europe on and off last couple of days. While for most people in general this storm is rather inconvenient, windsurfers are just waiting for a storm to pop up somewhere nearby to go for the ultimate ride.

International speedsurfers were on hold waiting for the right conditions to arrive at spots like South End and Saintes Maries de la Mer on the search for maximum speed. Waiting paid off big time. A week ago, on the 5th of March, Antoine Albeau set a new world speed record with an average of 49.09 knots. Which translated in kilometers is just over 90 kilometer per hour!
Patrik Diethelm, by the way, broke the production board record at the same day.

We are also celebrating a new Dutch national record set by Dirk Doppenberg this week. Windsurfers are going faster and faster every time. But going fast means crashing big time if things go wrong. So huge respect for these guys.

The only water I saw lately was the one in the shower and some rain when I walked from my front door to my car and visa versa. Hope to get out on some real water soon again.

maandag 3 maart 2008

Windy Weekend

Last two days it's been very windy in Holland. Saturday I packed up my stuff in the morning and headed to Strand Horst. Maybe a bit over enthusiastic. When I arrived it was blowing like hell. Even the >100 kilo guys were racing up and down on their small(er) sails (5.0). So I knew I didn't even had to try, as my smallest sailsize is 4.1 and I am a few kilos lighter. I couldn't do more than sit and wait till the wind would drop a bit. Which gave me more then enough time to righ up my new sail without any hurry. All my new sails are in blue like the one on the picture. Like it? I do!

Sunday I planned to catch up with some friends in Zeeland. Just stuffed everything in the car around 10.00 AM when I got a call that the wind already dropped in Zeeland. What a bummer. Driving down (which takes about one-and-a-half hour from my home) was not worthwhile. So I came up with plan B. Which in fact ment to stay close to home as the wind would decrease somewhere between 12.00 AM and 15.00 PM. I drove up to the Braassemermeer which is about 15 minutes away from home. Funny part at this spot is rigging up your stuff between sheep. Most of the time they stay away from you. But now and then a little lamb gets curious and comes check out what you are doing. I just hit the water with 4.1 - trimmed a bit different than the day before - when the wind fell asleep. I almost had to swim back to the shore. Got out of the water. And...the wind turned on full force again. This is so typical for this spot. So I refused to change sails and sticked to my small sail, just let the outhaul loose a bit. Which worked just fine.

Made some shots with the helm cam. Have to adjust the angel a bit I guess. Didn't have much horizon on it. Seeing almost only water passing by in a flash, can make you pretty sea sick. Gonna give it a try again next time.

All together it was a fun weekend. Seems like we will have some snow maybe this week. So we'll have to wait again for a next session. But after two days of sailing full force waiting doesn't seem to be such a big problem. Loaded up enough energy till then...