zaterdag 28 juni 2008

El Medano, day 12-13

No more wind the last two days. Which means we had in total a 50% score windwise with 7 out of 14 days on the water. Lots of fun on & off the water with a lot of friendly people. It was nice to spend some time here.

Great thing about Tenerife is there are other nice things to do here if the wind does not cooperate. Like surfing - we saw two nice breaks in Las Americas. Biking, if you don't mind to paddle up some steep hills. Swimming/ body surfing, which speaks for itself. And hiking of course.

We went up the Pico del Teide one of our first days on the island. While it was cloudy downtown up on the mountain (> 2000 meter) the sun was shining bright. Today we did another walk: the Barranco del Infierno. A nice three hour walk which preferably should be walked in the early morning or afternoon. Otherwise you get literally microwaved during the beginning of the walk before you reach the gorge as there isn't any shade on the way.

If you are thinking of going to Tenerife and you want to avoid the crowd El Medano is a really nice alternative to stay. We enjoyed staying in Casas del Colores only a few steps away from the beach. Our host Rudi is a really nice guy who is doing his best to make your stay as pleasant as possible. Check out his website for more information.

Half of my summer holiday is over now. Still another two weeks to go. What a joy! Read on the internet that it is going to be hot in Holland upcoming days. So after some Spanish heat we now can work on our tan (which is already deep brown) further on in Holland. Although I really enjoy the warm weather & sunshine I still hope the wind will be able to break through the heat so I can do some more windsurfing before it's time to go back to the office. Keep my fingers crossed.

Whishing you all a great summer!

donderdag 26 juni 2008

El Medano, day 9-11

Last three days rocked! Especially yesterday & the day before. Not cause of a super strong wind - I was easy going with 4.7 -. (I guess we are not going to taste some of Canaries famous strong wind this time.) But because everything somehow came together out on the water. Tried some tricks, jumps and waverides. Encouraged each other into some more crazy stuff. Adrenaline was pumping when we came off the water. Smiling from ear to ear...

Sadly all the guys around us are leaving tomorrow morning. At first it looked like the wind would also go away for a couple of days. But as always if someone is leaving, the wind in the end is showing off from it's best side. Forecast changed today from 'not enough to go out' into 'rig up your small sail'. So it looks like we are going to have another blast tomorrow!!!

Check out Stehsegelrevue for more pictures: Mathilde & Cornelia

dinsdag 24 juni 2008

El Medano, day 7-8

Bummer...wind stopped blowing again on day 7. I am eager to sail. So it's getting more difficult for me to sit on the beach and wait for wind then it was at the beginning of our holiday. Yesterday the wind picked up so, so. It was half in between planing and non-planing with 4.4. Of course when we finally decided to go shopping (not for clothes, but food) late afternoon the wind picked up really nice. (It has got something to do with high & low tide.) And it kept on blowing all evening long. Last riders came of the water almost in the dark. We even had to give one of them a flashlight so he could pack away his stuff. Life here is nice and easy going. I could get used to this!

zondag 22 juni 2008

El Medano, day 6-7

Rigged down 2 sailsizes in 2 days. From 5.0 to 4.7, down to 4.1. Some really nice waves rolled in for a little bit of waveriding. Stayed away from the rocks though. They look a bit scary to me. Outside waves are building up towards 3-4 meters. Makes me feel small between them. But also thankful to be able to surf in this huge playground. The feeling I get being out here is indescribable...

Our appartment is situated only a couple of steps away from the beach. What a luxury! We look down on the water from our balcony how the wind is doing. Pick up our stuff out of the garage. Walk to the beach and hit the water. Afer a ride we go back to our appartment, eat something, sleep a little, hang out. And go for a ride again. It's like picture perfect only 10 times better.

vrijdag 20 juni 2008

El Medano, day 5

- Wind ! -

Enough to sail with 5.0.

Let's hope conditions will continue like this.

woensdag 18 juni 2008

El Medano, day 1-4

On the day we arrived we got a good impression what Cabezo can offer us. Still tired from travelling we just watched the other windsurfers playing in the surf. From day 2 till now we picked up an alternative program. Which means relaxing, swimming & some sight seeing. Yesterday it was cloudy in El Medano, but beautiful weather up the Pico del Teide were we went for a nice walk. As of tomorrow the wind is supposed to kick in again. Up to 8 bft. later on the week. Time to rock! I am ready for it...

vrijdag 13 juni 2008


Wind has been disappointing last two months. As a result I have hardly been out on the water. So I am very eager for a ride. Lucky for me we booked a trip to Tenerife already half a year ago. And now it´s almost time to fly. Looking very much forward to the sunshine, warm water, waves & wind again!

vrijdag 6 juni 2008

Sportontmoeting 2008

After two weeks of playing badminton, soccer, bowling, squash, table tennis, mini golf or - in my case - supporting WSV Zegerplas Sportontmoeting 2008 came to an end Friday evening. From previous years we already know (team) ball sports isn't really our kind of thing. So ending up somewhere in the middle is something we can live with. I guess...

Sportontmoeting is a yearly event in my hometown Alphen aan den Rijn. The idea behind the event was getting to know other sports then your own in a fun way. Participating is more important than winning (where did I hear that before). But as usual as soon as the event starts everybody gets really fanatic. Still it's fun to compete in & watch others sports than you normally do in an overall relaxed atmosphere. It's definately perfect for some teambuilding as windsurfing rather is an individual sport for most of us.

More than 20 sports clubs situated in Alphen aan den Rijn are battling it out against each other in all different types of sports. Every evening two sports are on the agenda. You are eather participating in sport A or in sport B. Everyone has one evening off during those two weeks. And for sure you will need it to recover. The last day (friday) a surprise game is held where all teams take part in. Followed by the prize giving ceremony.

There is one but in all this: if someone is a member of a sports club - for example tennis - he or she is not allowed to compete in that discipline. Whoever brakes this rule will be disqualified. And yes even that happens now & then.

Well allthough we ended up being last or second last in almost every sport we competed in - but we did win the minigolf! - we had a blast all time through. And maybe we get more lucky next year, we'll see by then.