vrijdag 18 juli 2008

Fun stuff

Crazy bodyboard session in ‘Scheev’ last Sunday. Powerful waves, no wind + long wave period. Therefore super crowded in the shore break. There wasn’t a single board for rental left on the beach the whole afternoon. Insane!

Looks like the waves are building up again this weekend. Wind included. Especially upcoming Monday seems to become epic. Time to have fun again! See you somewhere out there.

vrijdag 11 juli 2008


Last Sunday the 'toertocht' Langeraar-Zegerplas was held. This is a friendly race - non competitive - between the surfclubs from Ter Aar and Alphen aan den Rijn. A year ago the surfers sailed from Alphen to Ter Aar. So this year it was the other way round: Start at the Langeraarse plas, then over a dyke, onto the first channel, under a bridge, turn right on to the next channel, straight on crossing three more bridges, turn right again towards the finish line at the Zegerplas.

Almost all sailors made it to the end. Respect to everybody (even to those who came back home otherwise)! Sailing on a channel upwind for more than 5 km isn't an easy thing to do. Especially some bridges where hard to master with the wind blowing directly on it. I know by experience as I sailed the famous 'Round of the Haarlemmermeer' - a 30 & 60 km race on the channel around Schiphol Airport - a couple of times years and years ago. And NO, for those who are curious, I wasn't on the water myself, but followed by bike and made some pictures along the way.

Afterwards we enjoyed a nice BBQ in front of the Zegerplas clubhouse. Even the rain couldn't stop us from having a good time.

Check out the pictures my dad made.

woensdag 9 juli 2008

Big monday

Huge rainfall welcomed us at the beach of Wijk aan Zee on monday. Not my favorite kind of weather to go out for a ride. Holland in the summer time. Today it looked like we skipped the summer though and autumn has started as of today. Nevertheless: it was windy. The rain however made it difficult to decide what sailsize was on. After only one leg it turned out that 4.4 was too big. So I had to walk all the way back to rigg down to 4.1. And give it another go.

Waves looked a mess from the shore. But from another view - in between them - they suddenly roled in beautifully. Saw a guy ripping with an old KA-sail. Hitting the wave 5-8 times in a row. No standard Holland conditions I can tell you. I went down a bit to catch some waves myself. Waves were higher than I have seen them normally in Wijk aan Zee. Made it a struggle to get out if your timing wasn't that perfect. On the other hand it gave a big rush when everything came together. After two hours I was finito. Sailed up, dragged my stuff all the way back to the parking. In my mind playing back that one perfect ride carving up & down the wave what seemed to be endlessly...

woensdag 2 juli 2008

Tenerife - review

We're back home again. Outside it's 30 degrees & the sun is shining - no wind at the moment -. So enough time to put some more Tenerife pictures online. Enjoy!