zaterdag 31 januari 2009

World of Windgirls

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To all windgirls out there: enjoy, connect, join.

dinsdag 27 januari 2009


Just returned from a week on Fuerteventura. Without windsurf equipment this time. Thought it might be difficult to sit on the beach without gear. But in fact there was only one windy day while we were there. So not much to miss out on.
A big swell hit the west of the Fuerteventura just when we arrived. Huge waves were rolling in a couple of days. 4meter + around the NW part of the island. Non-surfable. Went to check them out at El Cotillo on thursday (they already got smaller then). Still - pretty impressive!

Due to the swell it was possible to surf every day. Which was great as we wanted to improve our surf- and bodyboard skills during the week.
Fuerte has many surfspots. Most of them alongside the north of the island. And most spots with rocky entrance. We sticked to the sandy beaches at the east. As we heard somebody got killed at Rocky Point - hitting the rocks head first - two weeks before we came.

Hooked up with Simon from for a day for an improver session. Really nice guy who gave us some great tips to step up our level.

If you go to Fuerte check out Renegade (Bar/Restaurant) in Corralejo. They serve great food for a nice price.

Altogether a super week. Can't wait to get out here in Holland. But just saw it started freezing again. So that might take a while...

donderdag 15 januari 2009

Langeraar (2)

As promissed a short impression of our icesurfing adventures last Sunday at the Langeraarse Plassen.



P.s. the ice is gone now. Let's hope we can go out on a real windsurfboard soon again.

maandag 12 januari 2009

Another day on the ice

In the morning (yesterday) I went to Langeraar again. Skated 2 times around the lake. And shot some footage of the boys blasting over the ice on their icesurfers. Gonna put it online later on this week.

By sundown we skated the Lansing tocht near Gouda. Saw the moon coming up. We were about the last onces on the ice I guess. Made it back just in time before it became completely dark.


zaterdag 10 januari 2009

Langeraarse Plassen

Well, what more can I say. The scenery says it all. Sunshine, ice, wind, hot chocolate at the 'koek en zopie', friends to have fun with. And to finish off the day a Gl├╝hwein back home. It's been an amazing day. Again.

vrijdag 9 januari 2009

Update Dutch Championship Icesurfing

It's official! There will be a Dutch Championship Icesurfing on January 11. Location is Camping Badhoophuizen/ Veluwemeer. Maximum of 75 participants allowed. Registration starts at 09.30 am. Skippersmeeting at 11.00 am and first possible start at 11.30 am. Check for all the details.

Dutch Championship Ice surfing!

Upcoming Sunday the first Dutch Championship Icesurfing since 1997 is going to take place. Don't know the details yet, but will keep you updated.

woensdag 7 januari 2009

Ice surfing

Yesterday we went to Ankeveen. The ice was beautiful. Hardly any cracks in it. And super smooth. Besides our skates we brought an icesurfer too. Expected to find a lake over there. According to the map at least. But instead we only saw reed and ditches. Followed by more reed and ditches. As far as we could see. Not much chance for a proper ride on the icesurfer. But still gave it a go just for the fun - and finetuning of course. This morning I looked outside and the world was white. Bad news for the condition of the ice. Keep my fingers crossed we can do some more icesurfing upcoming weekend.

zaterdag 3 januari 2009