zondag 31 mei 2009

Delta Lloyd Regatta (3)

Dorian van Rijsselberge wins the Delta Lloyd Regatta 2009. Congratulations!

zaterdag 30 mei 2009

Delta Lloyd Regatta (2)

Although the wind was onshore today in Medemblik the RSX course was set further out. At land it was impossible to follow the races. Managed to get a perfect place to watch the competition: the finishship. Tomorrow is the last day. Check out internet to see when the medal races will be sailed.

donderdag 28 mei 2009

Delta Lloyd Regatta 2009

What a way to start the 25th anniversary of the Delta Lloyd Regatta in Medemblik/ Netherlands. Yesterday some of the races had to be postponed due to the strong wind. I went sailing in Scheveningen and just when I hit the water around 18.00 P.M. I was pretty overpowered with 4.1. These guys and girls are using double as much sailsize. I am very impressed by their power.

My dad sent me an SMS this morning: 'bad weather yesterday. Working on a boat at the finishline of the RSX. Casper Bouman liked the course.'

If you intend to go and have a look in Medemblik - which is very spectacular by the way - the RSX-classes (both men and women) are scheduled to hit the water in the afternoon. Forecast is looking promissing for the rest of the week too. So there will be some more interesting racing to see for sure. Due to the wind direction it even looks like the course will not be set to far outside. Nice to follow the competition from the shore (keep fingers crossed).

Watch flying RSXses at the official event site under the toppic 'pictures'.

vrijdag 22 mei 2009

Tour de Bretagne

For years now I have been hearing about the great conditions in Bretagne (France). It was about time to find out myself. After a 12-hour-drive we were just about in time to see the sun go down on the beach of Kervel. What a beautiful sight!
The next three days we didn't get any waves or wind. So we had plenty of time to drive around and check out some spots. The first day we drove down to Penhorse. Then on to Audierne, Point du Raz and Baie des Trepassies. Really nice environment. The next day we went into the other direction. Started at Ste-Anne La Palud. Then on to Pentrez, l'Aber, Crozon, Morgat. And of course the famous Plage de la Palue.
On the third day we sticked in Kervel and made a beautiful hike along the coast. If (wind-)surfing is impossible while you are there hiking or biking is a perfect alternative. With two fronts hanging above the ocean we were bound to have some waves and/or wind some time. There was nothing more to do than wait. BUT...our patience got rewarded. On thursday the first waves started to roll in again. And the forecast promissed us something big for the upcoming days. Oops... Had a nice surf session in Penhors by the way.On friday finally the wind started to kick in. Onshore that is. Went out in Pentrez but didn't find it easy to sail as the current in Bretagne is so much stronger than we have here in Holland. But at least my equipment got wet - smile. We went for a surf session to Douarnenez later on.From there on it only got better and better. Due to the huge wave warning we decided not to drive down to Penhors, but stayed in Kervel. Which turned out to be the windsurfspot in the area. Just didn't notice that before, because everybody was working. Now that the weekend got started all the french locals turned up. It was an easy going and friendly atmosphere.The last day was by far the best. Three days wind in a row. Starting from onshore to side-onshore into sideshore on Sunday. Went out in the morning with high tide. It was all about sailing out, turn around, pick up a line and ride it. What a blast. Came of the water totally happy.After a week it was time to go home again. With in total 5 surfing and 3 windsurfing days I can look back on a really nice holiday. Gonna be back soon for sure!

zaterdag 9 mei 2009

Evening Session

When I left work at 16.00 P.M. I was in a doubt if I should drive to Scheveningen or not. The weather at that moment was bad. Wind picked up fast out of nowhere. Clouds got darker and darker. And it started to rain heavily. It was a front coming through. Started in the West. Moving fast to the East. I decided to drive to the beach anyway. Maybe it would get better later on. When I entered The Hague the sky was clear blue. Like nothing had happened.

It was busy on the water. Rigged up 4.1 + 72liter. Wind from W-SW. Waves 1 1/2-2 meters. First time out on the Northsea this year. So everything still felt a bit shaky. Had fun. Drove home happy.

This morning I heard on the news that due to the storm a kiter got killed at Strand Horst. Another kiter got injured.

Sad en speechless.

dinsdag 5 mei 2009

Wind or no wind...

...that's the question. It's all about being on the right spot at the right time these last days. Checking out the forecasts didn't help much. They don't know it eather.
For instance on Sunday it was blowing much stronger than announced. Blasted around at my homelake on my latest toy, the Lorch Glider 120. Pretty much overpowered with 7.2. Smile!
Yesterday morning I went to the beach of Scheveningen. No wind at all. So I went bikeriding instead. Suddenly the wind picked up to 6 Beaufort from the Southwest. Southwest??? Didn't see that in the forecast. Today same game. No wind in the morning and now a couple of minutes ago there is a warning for SW6 again. I don't get it. But decided to take things as they come. Jumped in the Northsea for a boogieboard ride. It was busy in the line up after weeks without any waves. Came out with a smile again after an hour. Life is great if you learn to appreciate what you get. Guess I still have a lot of learning to do...

zondag 3 mei 2009


Just back from two days of sunshine, reading books, riding bike and doing nothing in Zeeland.

Now I am off to the water. It's finally windy. See ya :-)