dinsdag 21 juli 2009

Old school

Who says you need to have the latest equipment to have fun on the water? I met this guy last Sunday at the Oostvoornse Meer. He was going pretty fast. Too fast even for some less experienced guys to catch up with. Not bad for someone using equipment of at least 20 years old. That's what windsurfing is all about. It's not about the equipment. It's about the joy you get of being out there!

zaterdag 18 juli 2009

Scheef going off

Hard work today at Scheveningen with cross-onshore waves up to 3meter+. Police where driving up and down the beach to warn for super strong current. Last Wednesday they had to pull 36 people out of the water only in Scheveningen. A kid even drowned in Zeeland. People do not seem to realize the strength of the ocean. Got a bit chicken myself today as I didn't sail that much in waves so far this year. But looking at the forecast I will have plenty of time to get used again next couple of days.

donderdag 9 juli 2009


4.4 on 72liter Oxygen in cross-onshore conditions.


woensdag 8 juli 2009

Follow the wind

My summer holiday started with temperatures around 30 degrees Celsius and sunshine all over the place. Couldn't wish for much more you might think. Especially cause I didn't have to travel to another country but enjoyed it right at home. Except for one thing that was missing: the wind.
Checked all the weather charts to see if something was happening in France, Germany or Denmark. So far nothing. After hanging around in beachwear for a week, doing pretty much nothing, I was ready for some action again.
Suddenly it looked like a depression was making it's way through to Denmark. So I got in the car and drove up there. To discover that one day later all forecasts had changed again. No wind for Denmark. And to make it even worse...it got windy at home right after I left there.

But as I was in Denmark anyway I decided to stick around at least for the weekend and try to do some slalom sailing on the fjord at Hvide Sande. First I checked out the beach. Of course to see if there where some waves. It was dead flat. The sea had a strange red color and the water smelled. The red stuff was some sort of seaweed. A result of the sea temperature rising from 12 to 20 degrees Celsius in one week time.
Then went to the inside (Fjord) where it was kind of a go-no go- situtation. Nothing much spectacular.
Sunday morning when I drove up to the beach the red stuff was gone and there were even nice waves for a bodyboard/surf-session. Later on I went to the fjord again. A bit further out (off shore wind) there was enough wind for a flat water speed session. Really love my 'big' board at times like this.

As the forecast really looked better in Holland then in Denmark I decided to drive down again on Monday. Destination: Wijk aan Zee. Normally the drive isn't such a problem. But at the moment they are working on the road both sides between Osnabrück and Hamburg. Travelling up or down takes up much more time than usually. Not good if you want just one thing: get out on the water.
But when I finally arrived at Wijk aan Zee my patience got rewarded. Nice small waves and powered up with 5.3 the evening session made it all worth while.
In the end it didn't get windy on Tuesday. But at the moment while I am writing these lines the trees in front of my window are shaking. A good sign. Let's find out where the wind will take me today.