donderdag 29 oktober 2009

9'2 Drops Volt

After testing several Stand Up Paddle Boards (Fanatic 9'6/10'0, Bic Jungle, Kona 12'0, Starboard 11'2/9'8, Drops 9'2, Gong 9'11/9'3) this summer I am now - since last Sunday - proud owner of my very own Drops Volt Stand Up Paddle Board.

woensdag 28 oktober 2009

Scheveningen South

Yesterday early in the morning we met with some friends at Scheveningen South. Beautiful scenery: sun shining, no wind, nice lines and only two other surfers in the water. Another great day we have been blessed with :-)!

woensdag 21 oktober 2009

Testing SUP's

Last Sunday Patrick from invited us to join in at Hoek van Holland to test some Stand up paddle boards from Gong and Drops.

Hadn't been in Hoek van Holland for more than 10 years. Last memories I had was me leaving the beach with damaged or broken equipment every single time I had windsurf competition over there due to a nasty shorebreak. I can tell you I was always happy when competition at Hoek van Holland was over.

Back to last Sunday. I was very surprised to see some really nice waves kicking in. And plenty of space in the surf too. Tried out 4 different boards. Liked especially the 9'3 Gong Androgene and the 9'2 Drops Volt.

Check out some more Hoek van Holland impressions (and Patrick in action)here.

zaterdag 17 oktober 2009

vrijdag 16 oktober 2009


At the moment a storm is hitting the coast of Holland. Webcams in Wijk aan Zee and Scheveningen show a lot of white water and flying sand. Some brave people where going out today. I decided to wait till tomorrow. Keep my fingers crossed that there will be some wind and swell left!

maandag 12 oktober 2009

Review Surffestival

And then it came differently. No heavy rain, no strong wind. Instead the sun started to shine at least for a couple of minutes every day. Although we saw really dark clouds hanging over the IJsselmeer it stayed dry almost till the end of the Surffestival. What a joy!

On friday the wind - offshore - made it difficult to sail. Going up and down in between planing and non-planing conditions. Saterday the wind started to turn onshore. But not enough to go out. People started to get nervous if the wind would show up at all this weekend. But on Sunday the wind picked up and it was even possible to test smaller slalom boards. So everybody seemed to be happy in the end.

Of course the big brands like Fanatic, JP and North Sails showed up. But also a lot of smaller brands like Goya, Angulo, Point7, Thommen and KA-sails. Which made it an interesting event.

Below some impressions.

woensdag 7 oktober 2009

Surffestival Makkum

Less then two days to go before the European Surffestival is going to take place in Makkum.

Three days of testing 2010 equipment, competition, party etc. Read all about this super event at the offical website.

Kauli Seadi will be there.
Brawzinho will be there.
Josh Angulo will be there.

Wat about you?

zaterdag 3 oktober 2009

Nasty conditions

Went to the beach early in the morning. Hoped that it still would be sailable now as later today a huge storm was predicted. It was busy in Scheveningen as they wre running the Dutch Championshipe Kitesurfing. (Most windsurfers were probably in Wijk aan Zee for the Wavemasters which also took place today.) But although already crowded on the beach at 09.00 A.M. it was still easy going on the water.

Rigged up my 4.1 as it didn't look that windy. Went out and did have some fun. Till...suddenly the wind shifted a bit off-shore and dropped. I fell just outside the surf and couldn't get up on my board again. Nasty, nast.

After a couple of waterstarts I made it back on my board. Which at this point felt small, very small. Made it back out floating, not planing. Outside I turned around to give it another try to reach the beach. I noticed that I was the only windsurfer still out. Ai.

The second time again there wasn't any wind in the surf so no change for me to get back in. Now I started to worry a bit. Did some swimming with my stuff. Going in with strong breaking waves was not an option. So again I headed outside in the hope the wind would pick up again. But no.

At my third try I saw a boat coming out and asked them for help. They were busy setting the kite contest area so they told me to start swimming back in and they would pick me up later. A joke right? Start swimming. With the current pulling and pushing the swimming didn't get me anywhere so it would be just a waist of energy. I decided to just stay outside the surf if possible. And see what will happen. Tried a couple of waterstart again which didn't bring me nowhere.

Then suddenly I saw one gust coming and thought this is my chance. I got up on my board and somehow made it through the breaking waves back to the beach in one line.
What an adventure. No more windsurfing for me today!
I rapped up my gear, got dressed and went watching the kiters. Tommorrow I am going to give it another try.

Josh Angulo Wave Champ 2009

At the moment the wave contest at Sylt is not over yet. But PWA just confirmed: Josh Angulo is 2009 wave world champion!

P.s. Josh is going to be at the Surffestival in Makkum next weekend.

vrijdag 2 oktober 2009

PWA Wave finals Sylt

Looks like the PWA wave finals are going to rock upcoming weekend. Forecast is insane! Glad I am not out there. Who will become World Wave Champion 2009? Just two more days and we will know. At the moment Josh Angulo holds the best cards. With the women it's a 50-50% change for Iballa and Daida. But who knows what will happen in the nasty Sylt Conditions tomorrow and Sunday. Keep updated for live action through the PWA Event ticker.