zaterdag 21 november 2009

Two more stripes

Two more stripes on 2009's windsurfcalendar. Thursday & friday I took the afternoon off to go windsurfing at Wijk aan Zee. Although we are heading towards the end of the year on thursday it rather felt like a normal september day. Sun was shining, air temperature around 14 degrees Celsius, water temperature still almost 12 degrees. When I started my timing kind off sucked, but after a while I got the hang of it. And scored some beautiful rides up to 5 turns on one wave. I was hyper coming of the water.
My teammate (Lorch Boards) Peter Garske was also ripping. When we caught up on the beach he said to me "look who is also here". Couldn't believe my eyes when I saw G√ľnter Lorch sailing towards the beach. Thursday was an awesome day for me!
Instead of sunshine it was raining on friday. Still went out for about one and a half hour. My sail was a bit to small and waves were kind of funny but being out there was ok.
Today is a day to recover. Tomorrow looks promissing again...

zondag 15 november 2009

Weekend break

Only one more month to go and it is Christmas time. Hard to imagine right now. Outside it is 15 degrees Celsius. Doesn't feel like winter is coming soon. But you don't hear me complain about that.
Went to Wijk aan Zee yesterday. Left home in the rain. At the beach the sun was shining. But so far: no wind.
After a cup of hot choco at Aloha beach (restaurant) wind started to kick in. Time to rigg up 4.4 and head out. Waves where more than ok and in sets too. Great!
I was stoked cause I had some really sweat waverides. What a surprise after I haven't sailed in waves for a while now. Felt like Stand Up Paddling is paying off big time. Reading a wave becomes much easier somehow.
Today I went in for a short dip again. This time Scheveningen was the place to be. Unfortunately the wind was a bit to strong for me to do some serious paddling. But still enjoyed being out there once more.