maandag 19 april 2010

More surf

When we left home at Saturday the forecast promissed us even better surf this morning. So we sticked at Wijk for another night. When we got into our wetsuit at 08.00 A.M. the waves were ok. But not as great as expected. Yesterday was better for sure. Still busy for a regular Monday morning though. I tried some stand up paddle, but the wind was blowing off shore. So I had a hard time not drifting away from the beach. So after a short run I packed up my board and took some pictures instead.

First Dutch SUP meeting

The weather couldn't have been any better during the first Stand Up Paddle meet & greet in Wijk aan Zee yesterday. Waves popping up in nice lines around one meter. Hardly any wind in the morning. And the sun shining all day. Behind the screens people were dressed in bikinis & shorts only. Sunscreen definitely required!

Drops, Gong, Naish, Stand up Paddle Hawaii where displaying their equipment on the beach in front of Aloha. Testing was possible. Absolute beginners where in good hands during sup clinics from Ozlines.

Great to meet with and talk to all the nice people from the forum, exchange experiences and stories and have fun together on the water.

I forgot the name of the guy who won the distance race. But he was way ahead of all the others. Wave contest was won by Greg Closier. This guy showed us what's possible on a SUP in the wave. I still have a lot of practice to do. That's for sure!

zaterdag 17 april 2010

SUP Meet and Greet

Tomorrow Stand Up Paddle meet and greet in Wijk aan Zee. And the forecast looks great! No wind and a small wave. Check out all the info about this event on stand up paddle holland. I will post a report in the next couple of days.