zaterdag 29 mei 2010

Dag van het park

Tomorrow it's Dag van het Park in numerous local authorities in the Netherlands. In my home town Alphen aan den Rijn different activities will be held in the Zegersloot area mainly around the lake Zegerplas. Kick off of the event will be at 13.00 hours in informatiecenter "De Vlinder". Read the agenda to see what's happening during the day and where.

At the surfclub WSV Zegerplas you can get free windsurfing lessons. Windsurfing is a fun sport. So if you are interested: give it a try. We open our doors at 12.00 o'clock. See you there!

SUP Scheveningen

Went for an evening session last thursday at Scheveningen. Hadn't been in the water here since they changed the coast line. Was a bit scared by the beach break at first. So my plan was to stick a bit further outside to begin with. That didn't work. Couldn't catch a wave there. Moved a bit more towards the beach after half an hour. Made all the difference. Caught a couple of nice waves. And bailed out right before the wave hit the beach. Quite an adventure for me. But super stoked with some of my rides. Can't wait till next time.

zaterdag 22 mei 2010

Twee uur van Alphen

Twee uur van Alphen (windsurf competition) will take place on Sunday 23 May at the Zegerplas. Start will be at 12.00 A.M.

Check the results.

zaterdag 15 mei 2010

Ozlines Surfcamp Bretagne

Some impressions of the Ozlines Surfcamp in Bretagne last week. Location: Baie des Treppazzes. Campbase: just a couple of steps away from the playground (white house in the middle on first picture). Waves: everything between 0,5 up to 2 meters.

woensdag 12 mei 2010


I was kind of shocked when I read at 26th of April. It said: cancel your trip to France cause it is going off at the Northsea. The blog was written just 2 days before I was heading to Bretagne. Guess they got a lot of reactions due to Spring Holidays coming up. Cause next day an extra update was posted which said Bretagne would be ok.

And so it turned out to be.
Being there for 10 days we got a mix of everything. Blue skies and rainbows, strong (offshore) wind to windless days, Waves from 0,5 meters up to 2 meters. Some days a bit of a chaos surf, but also other days with perfect lines.
Drove around a lot to check the different spots around Douarnenez and Penhors. But spend most of my time at Baie des Trépassés. The scenery is amazing and the bay picks up a lot of swell. Don't forget to visit Pointe du Raz while you are there. The peaks and rocks sticking out of the water are very impressive.
Allready wanted to go there last year but now I finally have been at the famous beach of La Torch. Which is known as one of the best World Cup (Windsurf) venues in those good old days.

The first time over there the ocean was totally chaos. But second time around we saw some nice lines rolling in. At La Torche you will find a mixture of kitesurfers, surfers, bodyboarders and windsurfers. A nice place. In fact the only place I've seen some windsurfers while I was here. Besides at (the beach of) Kervel.
Had some great time on my Stand Up Paddle Board paddling together with Chris and Arjen from Ozlines.
I was impressed to enter a Super market in the middle of nowhere. Walk up to the magazin corner. To find out that they are selling 6 different Surf Magazines (of which one dedicated to women only), two Windsurf Magazines, one Bodyboard Mag. And even a SUP magazine. Unbelievable!

Bretagne 2010 was great. Till next time.

(I am going to put up some picts later this week.)